The potential for liquid biopsy in early detection in oncology

Researchers and clinicians work with challenges around evolving treatment strategies to keep up with tumor evolution.

Anticipating and out-maneuvering cancer with actionable diagnostic information to impact clinical decision-making during a patient’s treatment journey is a central theme.

At the seminar, you will see user cases involving clinicians treating patients using real-time oncology enabled by de-centralized testing, including an LDT assay, which is currently being used to simultaneously detect ESR1 and PIK3CA mutations in patients with metastatic breast cancer. 


The seminar will cover:

  • The potential for liquid biopsy in early detection through resistance and recurrence applications;  
  • Using ctDNA molecular endpoint assays to manage and treat disease in real-time;  
  • Allowing for more treatment options for patients, along with expanding the utility of drug therapies at earlier stages of disease. 


The last day for sign-up is October 20, 2023. 

Seats are limited, sign up to the right. Participation is free of charge. 
If you are prevented from participating, please let us know as soon as possible.

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Oct. 26, 09:00 - Oct. 26, 10:00
Auditorium B in the Telium Building
Inge Lehmanns Vej 14, stuen
2100 København Ø, Denmark
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