WEBINAR: Simplify your cloning

A simple tool like cloning should not be a pressure point in your workflow. 

Want to save time on your cloning while still attaining accurate clones with a >95% success rate? 
How about being able to use directional cloning of any insert or multiple inserts into any vector at any locus? 

In-Fusion technology gives you ligation-free cloning without any extra 
bases being added to your sequence. 

Join us in this webinar to learn more about In-Fusion cloning and how 
it can improve your workflow.


  • Introduction from AH diagnostics
  • “In-Fusion cloning” presentation by Samuel Bouvet, Takara Bio
  • Short presentation of the “In-Fusion primer design tool”
  • Q&A session
Sep. 28, 13:00 - Sep. 28, 14:00

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