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Helle Zacho becomes the new CEO of the AH diagnostics group

Written on 03.04.2023, 14:00

The AH diagnostics Group announces new CEO Helle Zacho, starting on April 1, 2023.

AH diagnostics AS Acquires DiuVita Diagnostics AS

Written on 01.09.2022, 00:00

AH diagnostics makes a strategic acquisition to strengthen the focus on the diagnostics market.

New supplier: Shoreline Biome

Written on 01.07.2021, 00:09

Microbiome Profiling Just Got Better, Easier, and More Accessible to Our Nordic Customers

Need tips for your lab?

Written on 12.05.2021, 00:00

We can help you meet the demands of your daily pipetting, supplying you with universal tips:

Corning product overview

Written on 15.04.2021, 09:00

Get an overview of Corning's most popular products from this list and use it for easy ordering. Simply fill in the list ...

AH diagnostics A/S named Elite Supplier 2020

Written on 28.05.2020, 09:00

AH diagnostics A/S has been named as elite supplier to the public sector in Denmark, 2020.

DeNovix CellDrop™ awarded the

Written on 19.03.2020, 09:00

The DeNovix CellDrop™ cell counter has been presented with the Scientists' Choice Awards "New Life Science Product of th...

Press release: AH diagnostics lends out equipment for detection of Coronavirus, COVID-19

Written on 12.03.2020, 00:00

AH diagnostics lends out equipment for detection of Coronavirus, COVID-19

Our new website and webshop has launched

Written on 06.02.2020, 09:00

We are excited to announce that our new website and webshop has launched!

AH diagnostics A/S nominated for two prestigious awards

Written on 16.10.2019, 09:00

News in Danish: AH diagnostics A/S er blevet nomineret til to prestigefyldte priser - den ene en vækstskaberpris og den ...

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