New supplier: Shoreline Biome

Microbiome Profiling Just Got Better, Easier, and More Accessible to Our Nordic Customers
Written on 01.07.2021, 00:09
New supplier: Shoreline Biome

AH diagnostics now offers all the products from Shoreline Biome which delivers add-on kits to almost any existing microbiome profiling sequencing workflows based on full-length 16S rDNA sequencing.

By providing in-the-box DNA extraction, PCR reagents for targeting the desired pre-defined region, analysis software, and a continuously updated extensive bacterial strain database to gain insights from your sequencing, you can gain better strain resolution in your microbiome profiling research, faster and more easily than before.

AH diagnostics, therefore, offers a full end-to-end microbiome profiling sequencing-based solution for just about any sequencing platform, whether it be from Pacific Biosciences, Oxford Nanopore Technologies or Illumina.

Using Shoreline Biome’s kits, customers have shown a significant increase in bacterial strain resolution from a versatile array of complex population samples. See the official press release below.