Service that meets your needs

We offer service solutions to fit any lab and need - no matter if you want a full-service contract, preventive maintenance check, or an on-demand service option. You can even get a customized service agreement if you do not find what you are looking for. Learn about the different service types below.

Service contracts - the complete solution

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a Gold, Silver, or Bronze service contract for our most popular instruments. Annual maintenance could be all you need, or maybe you wish to have the security of fast repairs at no additional charge. We have a fast response time and prioritized service to minimize any downtime you may have.

If we do not have a pre-existing service agreement for the type of instrument you are looking for, we will set up a custom solution for you.


Preventive maintenance - ensuring optimal performance

Regular maintenance ensures that your instrument performs the way it should. Preventive maintenance (PM) or a Performance Check (PC) will ensure that your instrument delivers accurate results at any given time. It helps prolong your instrument's life time, minimize downtime, and reduce the need for emergency service repairs.

We follow the manufacturer's protocols when performing PM and PC, and depending on the type of instrument, it includes cleaning and system test, validation and verification with calibrated service tools and necessary software updates. It depends on what instrument you have.

We offer preventive maintenance checks either as part of our service agreements or as a single service visit.

Customized solutions

Did you not find the solution you were looking for? We are happy to provide a custom solution that fits your exact need for service or maintenance, and we have spare parts readily available.


On-demand emergency service

You can always contact us for emergency repairs, also if you do not have a service contract. We understand that downtime can be critical and aim to get your instrument running as soon as possible. 

Centrifuge service

Make sure that your Eppendorf centrifuge meets all requirements with annual maintenance checks performed by certified lab technicians.


Pipette calibration

Have your Eppendorf pipettes and dispensers maintained and calibrated to ensure they live up to the highest quality standards and deliver reliable results.

PCR thermal cycler validation

Ensure instrument performance and reliability of your PCR cycler with a check to verify correct temperature control. Validation checks are performed according to international legal requirements.