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Analysis Software

Inivai - FlowLogic

Inivai - FlowLogic™

Innovative, intuitive and affordable software

Four powerful features in a complete analysis suite.

  • GateLogic™: Everyday analysis with intuitive tools
  • PlateLogic™: Powerful analysis made easy
  • GraphLogic™: Plot statistics made hassle-free
  • DocLogic™: Analysis results that are ready to show

Mass Cytometry Analysis Software

Fluidigm Cytobank Solutions

Fluidigm - Cytobank Solutions

Cloud-based multiparameter analysis

The Cytobank Solutions platform allows you to perform both standard and advanced analyses on your CyTOF data. It is a secure cloud-based solution that provides an end-to-end workflow for your high plex cytometry data. Analyze 4 to 50+ parameter data using standard tools such as gating, in addition to advanced analyses and visualizations such as SPADE and viSNE. The software includes a collaborative tool that allows you to work with colleagues across disciplines and locations.

  • Analyze multiparameter data

  • Visualize findings and produce high-impact graphics

  • Archive data for ready access and compliance

  • Collaborate with colleagues across disciplines and locations