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Software for Imaging & Microscopy

BioTek Instruments - Gen5 Software

BioTek Instruments - Gen5 Software

Powerful imaging software for use with imaging multi-mode readers

The Gen5 Software is a software that eases the processing of raw data into publication-ready results. 
With the Augmented Microscopy™ experience makes the automation of your imaging workflow easy – from image capture, processing, and analysis to publication ready images and data. The software is for use with Cytation 1 and 5 Imaging Multi-Mode Readers.

  • Laser, image-based, and user-trained autofocus
  • Automatic camera gain, exposure and LED settings
  • Endpoint, montage, z-stack and time lapse read modes
  • Automated image pre-processing
  • Automatic cell-counting 
  • Label-free cell-counting
  • Spot-counting
  • Primary and secondary mask
  • Subpopulation analysis
  • Image statistics
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