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Kits and Reagents

Takara Bio SMARTer Kits reagents next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications

Takara Bio - SMARTer

Kits and reagents for diverse next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications

Generate representative, reproducible data from challenging samples, including single-cell, ultra-low, and degraded inputs. The SMARTer kits have high sensitivity and reliability.

SMARTer portfolio encompasses products for: 

  • Whole transcriptome
  • Targeted sequencing
Takara Bio

DNA Polymerase 

Takara Bio PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase

Takara Bio - PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase 

Unbiased and efficient library amplification for NGS

The PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase is a robust high-fidelity polymerase. It is available for challenging targets, e.g. long amplicons, GC-rich sequences, and excess template. It has an antibody-mediated hot-start feature which enhances PCR specificity and sensitivity.

  • Amplification of products up to 30 kb (human genomic DNA), 40 kb (lambda DNA), or 13.5 kb (human cDNA)
  • Antibody-mediated hot-start formulation
  • High tolerance for GC-rich templates as well as the presence of excess nucleic acid templates
Takara Bio

Liquid handling

Hamilton Microlab Prep

Hamilton - Microlab Prep

Automation, So You Can Focus on Innovation

Get ready to revolutionize the work in your lab by replacing manual pipetting with the efficiency and accuracy of the Microlab Prep. The Microlab Prep packs Hamilton’s signature quality and efficiency into a mini liquid handler workstation that easily fits on a lab bench or in many biological safety cabinets. Features same high speed, high-quality pipetting technology that you find on any larger Hamilton liquid handlers, including active pipetting monitoring. 

When to use automation:

  • Many samples in use
  • Full plates or tube racks
  • Ergonomic issues are a concern
  • A need to increase reproducibility while decreasing errors

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Clean-up & Size Select for NGS library preps

Clean-up & Size Select for NGS library preps

MACHEREY-NAGEL – NucleoMag® NGS Clean-up and Size Select

High recoveries in NGS library preparation

The NucleoMag® NGS Clean-up and Size Select is intended for clean-up and size selection of DNA fragments in NGS library prep. The kit can be used manually or automated on standard liquid handling instruments.

  • Efficient clean-up of NGS library preparation reactions
  • Tunable size selection
  • Scalable magnetic bead technology

Single Cell Preparation

Fluidigm - C1

Fluidigm - C1

Automated solution for single-cell genomics

The C1 is the strongest platform, with the most applications, for single-cell processing. Get even more capabilities with the large number of applications available.

  • Isolate and process individual cells

  • Streamlined workflow and intuitive interface

  • Protocols for preparing single cells for NGS sequencing

  • Protocols for preparing single cells for real-time PCR


Targeted NGS library preparation

Fluidigm Juno

Fluidigm - Juno™

Automated targeted NGS library preparation in nL scale

The Juno™ is a strong target enrichment platform that gives sequencing-ready barcoded libraries with adapters for Illumina sequencers. It lets the user achieve economy of scale with in targeted NGS library preparation.

  • Up to 4,800 targets/sample

  • Nanoliter reactions means low reagent costs

  • Up to 1,536 barcodes means low sequencing costs

  • Minimal hands-on operation


PCR Cycler

Corning - Axygen® MaxyGene Thermal Cycler II

Corning - Axygen® MaxyGene Thermal Cycler II

A thermal cycler for consistent, reliable results

Improved workflow over traditional gradient cyclers.

  • Compact design with  a simple user interface
  • Unique flexible programming, pre-programmed standard protocols
  • Rapid run times with ramping rates up to 5°C/sec
  • Minimizes over- and under-shooting