10% off Rapid Antibody Purification

01.04.2018 | 10% off Rapid Antibody Purification

Reduce waiting times with these single-use kits.



  • 5-minute, room-temperature control
  • Small column bed volumes trap fewer contaminants and allow large-volume washes
  • Extremely small elution volumes yield highly concentrated antibodies
  • Short residence times reduce the possibility of aggregation or loss of activity
  • Purify a wide range of antibodies
  • Novel membrane technology assembled into disposable spin columns reduces the risk of contamination and carryover


Right now, we offer 10% off on Capturem Protein A and G Miniprep.*


 Item no.  Description 
 635717  Capturem Protein A Miniprep  12 purifications 
 635725  Capturem Protein G Miniprep 10 purifications 



* Please state campaign code CM00213 when ordering to obtain the discount.
The campaign is valid until June 29, 2018.



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